EU Referendum: My Thoughts

June 9, 2016

flagI decided to put my thoughts down here to allow people to read this by choice. I don’t like throwing my views down other people’s throats but am glad to discuss and explain it if people desire. Whether you agree with me or not I hope I can explain to you how I’m voting and why.

Firstly I am voting IN

I’ve known this for a while, since the debate originated. I like the idea of the EU, it’s binding so many countries which for centuries were in a near constant state of war, into a working (if not shaky) democracy. It has helped to install in all its members the abolition of the death penalty, makes sure that workers are paid right, not over worked and given appropriate sick and maternity leave. It helps ease trade and transport between member countries and can even cause a trade embargo to other counties. In short it helps bring people closer together and hopes to bring peace and humanity to its boarders.

I am also a massive geek, and a massive trekky at that. I love star trek and everything it stood for. In the star trek universe it promotes peace, cooperation and understanding. All of earths governments came together in the star trek universe, putting their disagreements aside and managed to stop war, cure diseases and create ships that could travel faster than light. I understand this is all fantasy but I would love for that to actually happen one day, and the only way that could happen is to join together with other countries and work together. This is what the EU stands for and in my eye it’s progression towards something great.

Yes there are inherent problems within the EU, its not perfect. What with Greece’s financial problems, the heat in Ukraine  and the migrant crisis, but we can’t just decide that its too hard so we’re going to leave. It would be like when The Nazi’s took France and left us on our own in Europe waiting for invasion. Instead of fighting we rang Hitler up and begged for peace because Europe was too much of a mess. But we didn’t do that we fought on and helped free all of Europe from tyranny. Leaving the EU now would be cowardice. Besides is it not better to be in the driving seat of Europe putting what we want on the agenda, instead of being a guy hitchhiking on the sudeof the road that no one ever picks up?

That would leave us in a very bad light with the rest of Europe and the world, so if we did leave we have to go to all these countries and ask for some nice trade deals. Its like someone getting into a fight, cowering behind you and then coming up to you and asking for protection money. These countries are going to have a very low view of our country and know that we are going to be on the back foot, they will make a trade deal with us for sure but one that will probably benefit them more and is worse for us.

As for immigration, the latest figures which came out a few weeks ago stated that net migration was 600,000  in the last year however 53% of these came from outside the EU, so not all of our immigrants are flooding in from all these eastern European countries. Besides most of the EU migrants come here for work they do (for the most part as i understand it) menial jobs. They pay their taxes and help contribute to the system. Supposedly it increases pressure on both the NHS and School systems but when have these ever been perfect? I don’t think stopping people coming and working in this country is going to be an instant solve.

The Out Campaign has promised that if we leave the EU things will be much better, we will have better trade deals, immigration will fall, jobs will increase, the NHS and schools system will be saved, we will save millions of pounds a week and the whole world will marvel in how brilliant Britain is. This has bee promised by politicians and we know how well politicians keep their promises. This scenario is of course possible and if it comes true would be fantastic but its also just as likely that if we vote to leave, France removes its tight boarder controls from Calais and we are inundated with Asylum seekers who have no grasp of English and don’t have the right to work in this country, we have to then get rid of all the EU migrants who work, pay for themselves and pay into the country. The trade deals don’t go well and we end up having to pay more import tax for things on the continent which would increase prices. There would be a lot more jobs, possibly more jobs than there are people, it could cause an engineering graduate to have to leave university with thousands of pounds of debt and have to go work in a chicken factory for minimum wage.

Leaving the EU is a risk, a gamble if you will. We are betting that we can leave the EU and have everything listed above go perfectly and the way we want it. The odds are high and not in our favor. We have just come out of rescission, having more jobs ,having the country become stronger financially, why would we risk all of that just for the chance of making it a bit better when we could just as easily lose it all and fall back into recession? The risk is not worth taking. The analogy to me would be betting your morgage on England winning the euros. You hope and believe the team will work and if it does you will have more money than you ever immagined. However if they lose you will have a mountain of debt and no home. The risk is just too big.

I have just opened up a small shop and become self employed, for the moment things are going well. However I’m worried that leaving the EU could cause the economy to become worse forcing me to close my business and find employment somewhere else, giving up my dream that I have worked so hard for. So come June 23rd I am voting to stay in and I urge you to do that same, because we are gambling with our future and if it doesn’t pay off it could make this country worse.

Thanks for reading


Gears of War Judgement Review

March 22, 2013

I have decided I am going to start reviewing Xbox games, I get a subscription from a postal rental company and get many different games through the post. Whenever I buy a new game I will review it as soon as I can but most of these reviews will come long after the release dates. So to start a brand new game Gears of War: Judgement!



So, the 4th instalment of the Gears of War franchise, but this takes a rather strange turn by being a prequel  The bulk of the story takes place before Gears 1, just after Emergence day. The games protagonist is Damon Baird, who will be familiar to gears fans., along for the rise are his team Kilo Squad, the youthful looking Augustus Cole AKA Cole train and the introduction of 2 new characters to the gears franchise. Garron Paduk is a former UIR (Union of Independant republics) solider who before emergence day was actually at war with the COG during the pendulum wars. He is very brash and doesn’t think very highly of the COG leadership. The last member of Kilo is Sofia Hendrick, an onyx guard cadet who could of been high up the ranks of the elite guard if not for the Locust’s appearance, she is the opposite of Paduk and much more by the book, wishing to advance her career and survive.



The campaign is structured as flashbacks as Kilo squad are put on trail for war crimes and you have to play their recollections of how they ended up there. The missions are a lot quicker than the old acts in the first 3 games. Judgement also has a ranking system for these missions. By using executions and killing Locust you can gain a maximum of 3 starts for each difficulty. Another new system is the declassified missions. These are new aspects of the missions your already doing, so for example they may give the locust more powerful weapons or create more locust during the mission. They are completely voluntary but by doing them it will help you gain those all important 3 stars. These are indicated by large red gears signs on walls.


The Multi-player returns with a few new twists. The old favourite of team death match is still included pitting a team of 5 COG against 5 Locust. New match types include Domination which will feel very familiar to COD players, where you have to capture 3 different rings and retain control of them for points, interesting enough is that both teams are COG one team blue and the other red. Free for all is self explanatory and the new Overrun is something to be excited about. Overrun has teams of COG try and stop a team of Locust from getting to a generator that powers a hammer of dawn. But first the Locust have to push the COG back by opening 2 emergence holes. Both sides have to pick classes which have different weapons and special abilities. Its interesting to play and can feel very rewarding when your pushing the Locust back or manage to break the defensive line of COG.



Horde mode is no more, instead it is replaced by survival mode which is basically Overrun mode played as the COG against waves of AI Locust. This is a shame as I would of liked to of seen Horde mode with the new class system which could of worked very well. Over all it is not as good as Gears of War 3 but still a very enjoyable game. A must buy for all Gears fans and certainly worth a play if you’ve only had a brief encounter with the previous game. I give it a score of 82%.

Check back soon for more reviews. So until then keep throwing the nades down E-holes!



The Noisy Silence

January 10, 2012

Twenty thousand people and close to ten thousand conversations fill this rectangular stadium, the sound echoes off the packed stands and rushes into the centre of the green, nearly void grass field. The conversations drown out the nearly inaudible pop music coming from the speakers, used in conjunction with some silly man in a tiger suit waving his arms about trying to get the crowd to clap in unison. Somehow, when a human voice comes over the public address system, people quiet down and start to listen. To show respect for the disaster that happened there should be silence. And there is just that, Twenty thousand people in a heartbeat shut their mouths and bow their heads. A single sound of a whistle echoes around the ground while the people remember the pictures and sounds that they remember of that day, the screams of the people who were there, the crashes, the explosions and the fire that followed. In the far distance, miles above this small piece of grass in some kind of ironic humour or twisted irony is the sound of an aeroplane. The strange thing is, the silenced people below would not of heard this plane or not think about its implications if they were not mourning the dead of the disaster. Everyone is in deep thought brought about by this silence, why is it that the human body doesn’t like the quiet? They all concentrate on the horror and ask themselves questions. Who did this? Why? And is some one politician who just wants to make things right, actually going to make things a hell of a lot worse? The silent minute seems to go on for an hour, with no conversation and no entertainment all people can do is think. Birds land on the tops of the stands and crow as if death himself is watching them or perhaps also respecting the dead. As soon as the minute is up, the whistle is blown again and the crowd begins to applaud. The masses get back to their noisy chit-chat and everything returns to normal. It’s hard to think that ten second ago there was not a human made sound in this twenty thousand strong capacity arena. The noise that now surrounds everyone is one of joy, happiness and excitement. They all couldn’t think of any better place to be than right there. An hushed silence falls as the players take their positions on the pitch and the referee checks his watch and slowly brings his whistle to his mouth, as he breaths in, everyone seems to breathe in at the same time. Finally he breaths out and with it, a screech pours out of the whistle which echoes around the venue. This one bland noise contains the information to the twenty thousand people in the crowd and the various players on the pitch that the game is now underway.


Lets Keep The Great In Britain!

January 10, 2012

Today there was new news from Westminster and Holyrood that there should be a referendum in Scotland about its independence in the autumn of 2014. Although there was a disagreement between the two parliaments and their leaders about the validity of such a referendum, I worry that eventually this vote will go ahead, and personally that scares me.

The United Kingdom is made up of 4 different countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Scotland had its own independent parliament up until the Acts of Union 1707 in which both the Scottish and English parliament voted to join together and the United Kingdom was born. Now however The Scottish first minister  Alex Sammond seems determined that Scotland gets its own parliament back with full power to do what they want, but in this action there are many problems.

Complete independence from the rest of the UK would mean that Scotland would need to generate its own revenue from taxes and have to pay out all of its outgoings its self with no help from Westminster and with only 8% of the entire UK population Scotland would struggle to find this money. This would be a large undertaking costing a lot of money in the process. Other problems include having to join the European Union separately from the rest of the UK. This could include the EU wanting Scotland to join the Euro perhaps to help strengthen the currency but what country would willingly join the Euro in its current state? Refusal to do this could mean a lack of trade with Europe which could bankrupt the Scots.

But what else could independence mean? and how far would they want to take it? Would they have immigration? Imagine travelling up the A1 and as soon as you come to the Scottish border you have to present your passport to someone before you can proceed. It could also work like the Mexican border with Criminals running for the border because the police can’t go passed it, and even with checkpoints on the roads you can’t watch the entirety of the with of the country, and I doubt Hadrian’s wall will stop many people. I also wonder about the military. Will they want a separate one?  A Scottish Navy, Army and Air Force which would be another massively expensive undertaking and if not why should the rest of the UK have to pay to protect a country that doesn’t want to be part of us any more?

I don’t imagine that  it would only be a bad choice for Scotland but I feel it would have negative repercussions for the entirety of the UK. What would be look like on the international stage if we just let a part of our country become independent? We may look weaker.

I am British, not English, I may live in England and I may of been Born in England but I consider myself British. My Dad was born in England and my Mum was born in Northern Ireland, I am a product of two regions of the United Kingdom and I love my country very much. I think the UK is a fabulous idea, as each of these counties have separate and joint  sports teams so we can prove on the world stage that the UK is the best (such as the Olympics) but also have individual teams and prove who is the best in the UK (such as the 6 nations rugby). If Scotland becomes independent all this could disappear and I don’t think we could be the UK any more, and I’m not sure if I could count myself as British.

If you are Scottish and you are reading this, please vote NO in the referendum on independence. We are Britain, we are a Kingdom that should stay United so that we can all remain Great!

Thanks for Listening

Mac 10


The World You Love

December 20, 2011

I woke up yesterday morning as per usual with the alarm going off to the local radio station. What was different was the fact that i heard the news headline before I touched the snooze button, and the headline was of the apparent death of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il.

I sat up and had a small spark of a thought which stayed with me all day and grew and grew untill my head was bursting and finally speared on by my friend Ellhimself and his blog “The world you love” i just had to get my thoughts down on my own blog.

I find it odd that a leader of a small country that I have never been too and know little about should interest me so much, But North Korea is such a fascinating country, stuck in the 1950′s technologically and run by a corrupt communist regime which is so isolated by the international community. It’s also the fact that Britain along with her allies are still at war with North Korea and have been since the 1950’s. As a ceasefire was called and the de-militarized zone set up but a peace treaty has never been signed, 60 years of war and counting.

So now with the information coming out of this small apparently nuclear country that their leader has died, what next? Well as we know Kim Jong Il’s 3rd Son Kim Jong Un will take control of the country. This is very strange as Kim Jong Un has 2 older brothers who have been passed over for this role. Is there any annomosity towards their little brother? Could this lead to a civil war? That would be a bad scenario if it played out, but not the worst.

The nation for the moment is in mourning, but did anyone else think that the tears they saw of footage from north Korea was a bit forced? I mean I’d cry for someone’s death I never cared for if someone had a gun pointed to my head. The communist regime in this country control their population through force and misinformation. I even heard a rumour that they did this so well that north Koreans have no idea that man landed on the moon. However the countries civilian population are trained to be reserve military personal which make North Korea’s army one of the biggest in the world, add this with the fact they can feed any information to them that they like and this makes North Korea a ticking time bomb.

So I do not feel bad for the people of north Korea, it is the people of South Korea I feel worried for. A free and fair democratic country with a good economy it is literally on the front line of any conflict that could occur. If Kim Jong Un decides that It is time for North Korea to encompass the south It could lead to America and Britain joining the fight on the side of the south and China (another communist regime) siding with the North which could lead to World War 3 and the possibility of Nuclear war which scares the shit out of me.

Another scenario is that Kim Jon Un will try a re-unification in a peaceful way. Although a brilliant thing for the Korean people in the beginning with people seeing family members they have not seen for years. It will be a repeat of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, but this will lead to people who have lead a life under a communist regime for many years to flood into South Korea looking for work but with no idea of how to use money or the technology that the rest of the world starts. It could financially cripple South Korea.

However it could just keep going in relative isolation as it has been doing over the last 60 years with small boarder clashes and navel skirmishes. Needless to say I will be watching, wondering what could happen next.

Peace and Love

Mac 10

The Thoughts and Ideals of Ell Himself

Kim Jong Il has died today at the age of 69.

I was in the gym today #ClangingAndBanging (yes I still like wrestling and yes I follow @TheRock).  Now if you’ve been to a gym before then you know that usually the big screen TV’s they have in there are normally pumping out dance cheese or the latest celebrity top 100 songs; but today the screen’s were blazoned with ‘breaking news’ scrollers or flashing images of the paparazzi attempting to gain access to the heavily guarded grounds of Kim Jong Il’s domain.

Reports suggest that Jong Il suffered a stroke ‘or’ heart attack whilst travelling on a train for one of his ‘field test tours’.

For those of you that don’t much about the ‘ruthless’ dictator please take a moment to read some compounded notes:

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Dear Mr Cameron

May 14, 2010

This is a letter I intend to send to our current primeminister

Dear Mr Cameron,
May I first say congratulations to you and your deputy Primeminister Mr Clegg, now that a new government has been formed I am getting a sense of real optimism about politics from my peers, so before I move on to the main reason for the letter I would just like to state an obvious point. You have been given a great chance to change this country for the better, so please do not waste it like (In my personal opinion) your two previous counterparts.

On to my main point, I have been active in politics since I was 17 years old and of course have my own opinions on how to run the country, but one point more than others I advocate for and believe to be an extremely sound idea. As you well know our energy needs are increasing yet we need to decrease our demand for fossil fuels, as I live in Lincolnshire which is a very rural county I often see alot of wind farms about and when I do, it makes me feel good that we are at least atempting to deal with the problem. I think that solar power is a good step to go in for renewable energy, we will always have the sun for free energy. So my question is this, is it not possible to pass a piece of legislation requiring all new bulidings to be built with a certain amount of solar panels on the roof. This is better than setting up solar power plants as they don’t take up as much ground space. another good point is that during snow storms and heavy winds in winter some rural communities can lose connection to the national grid and have to spend freezing cold nights with no electricity. Of course there are reason for and against this idea, and you and your cabinet are the most informed people to make this decision.

Yours sincerly

Martin Stokes
(Sleaford and North Hykeham consituancy)


The British Pound £££

May 9, 2010

I am British and as such use the currency called the pound. And I love it. And hope that Britain never ever adopts the Euro.

The reasons are simple, Britain is and has been for a long time a banking nation, like America. Alot of the worlds money is passed through London every day. Either through th FTSE or through our banks. The British pound helps people keep track of out wealth through how strong the pound is, so how many Dollars or Euros you can get for £1.

I appriciate the idea of the Euro, one currency for the whole continent. But multiple countries adopting a single currency to me is a very bad idea, with the recent financial trouble that Greece has been in has sent european markets into a down turn and in turn has weakened the euro extensivly, and fine the pound has fallen too, but if Greece or even another country that has the Euro becomes bankrupt the euro will become near valueless on the international Market. If we had it too it would completly bankrupt the nation due to another countries stupidity.

Keep the British pound and we may have a small coushion to avoid national financial meltdown thanks to our european cousins. Keep Britain a banking nation and also help keep it strong, so we can get more money when we go on holiday.

Saving the world one messed up idea at a time
Mac 10